Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis deals with analytical procedures used to determine the purity, safety and quality of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis provide practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of modern instrumental techniques.This department handles with different research works and M. Pharm, Pharm.D and B.Pharm education programmes.

This course includes an advanced study of the discipline’s components such as method validation, documentation, handling of raw materials and finished products, inspections that impact the development of pharmaceutical products. Through the course’s curriculum, critical CMPs regulations, FDA guidance and ICH Quality guidelines are covered. Also included within the scope of the course are procedures employed in helping individuals maintain standard competency in the laboratory environment. The curriculum also consists of a detailed review of the several quality systems that are employed in Analytical Chemistry.


We have well equipped experimental labs and Central Instrumentation Room with sophisticated analytical instruments and statistical soft wares are employed for regular teaching and research.

All the instruments are well maintained in isolated instrument room with controlled conditions and calibrated on time. Laboratories are properly ventilated for comfort and safety. Spacious and well-organized laboratory provide accurate, precise and reproducible results. The laboratory is well facilitated to occupy the practical sessions of pharmaceutical analysis for our students .This includes the practical laboratory sessions of

Pharmaceutical Analysis plays an important role in both chemical development processes and GMP. The discipline is concerned with drug safety, simplifying manufacturing, and cutting down development costs, addressing market demands for evidence-based data, and addressing regulatory requirements in the domain of pharmaceutical development.

The program aims to equip eligible candidates with better understanding of drug-based substances, and drug manufacturing through advanced analytical studies and procurement of robust analytical data. For the same, we provide some of the sophisticated analytical instruments.

The list of analytical equipment available are;

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