Pharmacognosy is the science of the knowledge of drugs based on natural origin. It is the scientific and systematic study of structural, physical, chemical and biological characters of crude drugs, derived from natural source along with history, method of cultivation, collection and preparation for the market. Pharmacognosy always keeps its popularity in pharmaceutical sciences and plays a critical role in drug discovery.Plants have been always used as medicine by mankind to treat health-threatening diseases and still popular to obtain new drug candidates as it is the oldest medical practice for humans. The use of botanical natural health products are on the increase all over the world. It is known that almost 80% of the populations in developing countries rely on the traditional medicine, mainly composing herbal prescriptions. The Department of Pharmacognosy in St.James college of Pharmaceutical Sciencesis focusing on conservation of the plants and to explore it for various biological activities. The department staff and students are involved in various activities like cultivation of plants, evaluating the quality of herbal raw materials, preparation of various formulations like herbal cream, ointment, shampoo, tablets, syrup etc and screening the biological activity of both plant extracts and formulation derived from plant extract.



The department has all the facilities as per the guidelines of statutory bodies.Facilities available are as follows:

List of Equipment in the Department

Herbal Garden

St.James College of Pharmaceutical sciences,Chalakudy have large area of herbal garden with different species of medicinal and aromatic plants. The garden is divided into different areas consisting of Nutritional plants, Cosmetic plants, ‘Nakshathravana’ (Star forest), Aquatic plants and Ornamental plants.

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